15-16 March 2019 - Introduction to Applied Ergonomics


Course Aims/ Summary

To enable physiotherapists to conduct a competent ergonomics risk assessment in the workplace, predominantly concentrating on physical factors.  A number of ergonomics risk assessments tools will be taught.  The delegate will be able to undertake an ergonomics assessment of an individual, or a small group, in a setting where the issues are mainly physical.  The delegates will be able to prepare a suitable report of such assessments, with recommendations to manage identified risk.

Course Objectives

On completion of this two day course, delegates will be able to:

  • Review ergonomics principles
  • Adopt a systems approach to ergonomc theory and practice
  • Understand the physical risk factors associated with musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) in a variety of work setting and make recommendations to manage these
  • Identify risks using ergonomics assessment tools (RULA, ART & QEC)
  • Review psychosocial factors associated with occupational ill health, including MSDs
  • Undertake job analysis for variety of work tasks
  • Look at the design and development of systems to reduce risk
  • Write a clear and logical report appropriate for the type of ergonomcs assessment

Please note, this course DOES NOT cover DSE workstation assessment

Pre Course

Delegates should have a sound grasp of anatomy, work physiology, biomechanics and posture.

Information for a small amount of pre-course work will be sent to delegates when the course is confirmed giving adequate time for the work to be completed and brought to the course.


The following presenter will take this course - Glyn Smyth.

Glyn qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist in 1987 and is a Chartered Ergonomist having gained a masters degree in ergonomics in 1994.

As a director of Work Fit in Leeds, Glyn delivers a range of work focused physiotherapy and ergonomics services to large and small organisations across the public and private sectors.

Glyn is a very experienced trainer, lecturer and presenter.  He has delivered courses, seminars, workshops and papers on a variety of subjects in occupational health and ergonomics.

COST: Members £300, Non-Members £360 - Not including lunch- Tesco nearby

VENUE and LOCATION: Holiday Inn Express, 1 Snow Hill Plaza, Birmingham

CONFIRMATION DATE: Friday 15th February 2019

For further information on course content please contact   glyn@work-fit.co.uk  07734 009662