16th November 2019- Assessing Fitness for Work & Function


Course Aims / Summary

This course aims to develop participants knowledge of, and competency in Assessing Fitness for Work and Function.  The process of clinical assessment, psychosocial screening, functional measurement tests, job evaluation and other tools underpinned by sound clinical reasoning can be used to support Fitness for Work decision making.

The course is designed to build on knowledge developed through Occupational Health Essentials course modules and participants' own clinical experience.  During this learning period, delegates will be asked to familiarise themselves with ACPOHE guidance documentation on related areas.

During the one-day course, the scope and limitations of physiotherapy practice in the assessment of Fitness for Work will be discussed.  The referral process will be explored and the rationale for test selection from the Toolkit in relation to an employee's functional work demands will be explained.  Measurement of the effort required and safety of potential testing will also be explored.  The course will have a large practical component during which participants will carry out a range of functional tests and interpret the test results.  An overview of Fitness for Work recommendations and report writing will be considered.

Course Objectives

On completion of thei course participants will be able to:

  1. Discuss the principles of assessing fitness to work and how it can be used in practice
  2. Review the ACPOHE guidelines on assessing fitness for work and the  protocols OH physiotherapists are advised to follow, including clincal examination, psychosocial screening as well as, job evaluation and functional measurement testing
  3. Consider fucntional measurement tests in relation to their eligibility for testing measurement of effort and safety during testing.  Undertake a selection of tests from the toolkit
  4. Evaluation of job in relation to job demands, task analysis in relation to functional measurement testing and normative data
  5. Select an appropriate range of functional measurement tests from the ACPOHE Fucntional Work Assessment Tool Kit, appropriate to physical job demands in an occupational setting
  6. An overview of report writing and providing recommendations on an employee's fitness for work


Sarah Nisar - MCSP   MSc HPC PG Cert App Ergonomics

Sarah has worked within the field of occupational health since 1998.  She has worked in small and large organisations within a variety of sectors both public and private.  She combined her occupational health duties with working as a clinical lead within the NHS.  Her current role involves case management, fitness for work assessments and provision of ergonomic services.

Sarah is a registered member of ACPOHE.  She participated in the ACPOHE Fitness for Work Assessment Group in developing the guidelines for the ACPOHE Functional Measurement Tests (FMT) Toolkit.

COST: ACPOHE members £140, Non- members £200  Lunch not included but hospital canteen is available serving hot and cold food (a few minutes walk from the physiotherapy department)

VENUE AND LOCATION: North Tyneside General Hospital, near Newcastle- Upon-Tyne

Hotels and B&Bs nearby either on the seaside town of Whitley Bay (2miles away) or Newcastle upon Tyne (8.5 miles away)

Parking available on site (charges of £1.20 per hour, up to maximum of £4 for a 24 hour period)  https://www.northumbria.nhs.uk/new-car-parking-system-north-tyneside-gen...

DATES and TIMES: 16th November 2019 (08.30-17.00)

CONFIRMATION DATE: 16th October 2019