5-6 April 2019 - Occupational Rehabilitation and Work Hardening


Course Aims/ Summary

This course describes models of work conditioning, work hardening and rehabilitation used in occupational health in the UK, along with the clinical and business efficacy of such programmes.  Delegates will understand the concept of blue and black flags as obstacles to recovery.  Methods to design a graded rehabilitation programme to restore work capability will be described along with methods to tackle psychosocial barriers and facilitate health behaviour change using a cognitive behavioural approach.  The course includes a detailed case study comprising a bio-psycho socail assessment, management plans covering work place modifications, transitional work arrangements, rehabilitation and management reports.

Aimed at qualified health professionals working in occupational health.

Course Objectives

On completion of this 2 day course, delegates will be able to:

  • Describe 3 systems for vocational rehabiliation and analyse the relative advantages/ disadvantages of each one
  • Explain the concept of blue and black flags
  • Design an occupational rehabilitation programme to maximise the worker's functional performance
  • Explain the key principles of a cognitive behavioural approach
  • Describe factors that may influence the success of interventions designed to return the injured employee to work

Pre Course

No pre-course conditions, however, it would be helpful if delegates have already attended the Introduction to Occupational Health (3day) course.


Heather Watson & Jayne Ward

Heather is a qualified physiotherapist and expert in return to work and rehabilitation, having set up and led several award winning occupational health services.  Through her 20 years treating and talking to people from many walks of life in all industry sectors, Heather has seen first-hand the devastating effects that injuries and pain can have on individuals health and personal lives, as well as a broader social and economic problems it can cause.  She is passionate about empowering more healthcare professionals to talk confidently about work with their patients, encouraging 'upstream' working to giver good advice to prevent common MSK conditions leading to unnecessary long term work loss and disability.  During her career Heather has worked in occupational health in industry, private practice and the NHS.

Heather is a regular conference speaker on occupational rehabilitation and is the Founder and Director of Designed2Move Ltd who provide specialist functional restoration programmes for clients who have suffered severe and multiple injuries.  In 2018 Designed2Move were finalists in The Case Management Society of the UK Therapy Provider of the Year Award category.

Jayne is a specialist occupational health, musculo-skeletal physiotherapist who is passionate about promoting movement, creativity and functional fitness.  Her work has involved extremely difficult cases including those with suicide risks, sustained, aggravating working positions and complex psychosocial needs.

Her involvement in the creation of best practice guidelines and regular data reporting for occupational health services has resulted in Jayne being regarded as a leader in her field.  Collection and implementation of audit data for the betterment of patient care is a vitally important feature of contemporary service development and Jayne's understanding of this, coupled with targeted action has led to her beoming a respected, award winning clinician.

Treating both clinical and non-clinical personnel presents constant and varied challenges, especially when key stake-holders ofern disagree on the best course of action.  Experience of such situations and the skills to improve them are rare commodities and so Jayne's expertise in work-related problems frequently leads to efficient, positive results where others have failed.

COST : £300 ACPOHE members, £360 for non-members - Lunch NOT included

VENUE AND LOCATION : Ashbourne Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre, 1 Spire House, Waterside Business Park, Ashbourne DE6 1DG   http://ashbournephysio.co.uk/contact-us/

DATES AND TIMES : Friday 5th April 2019  08.30 registration / 09.00 start - 17.00 finish  and Saturday 6th April 2019  09.00 start and 16.30 finish

CONFIRMATION DATE : Friday 1st March 2019

For further information about the course content please contact  info@designed2move.co.uk

For further information on booking a place please contact  acpohe@buryphysio.co.uk