How To Join

Registered membership is open to all members who demonstrate a recognised level of expertise within occupational health. For more information take a look in our Members Zone or Click here for requirements
Standard membership is open to practicing members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy
Overseas Membership is open to qualified physiotherapists working and registered by their governing body in other countries and to CSP members working abroad.
Associate Membership is available to qualified health professionals working in the field of occupational health and ergonomics including (but not limited to) occupational therapists, registered general nurses, occupational physicians, graduate ergonomists, Chiropractors and student physiotherapists - such membership being at the Executive’s discretion. Associate members must have equivalent health/professional/association membership.

Corporate Membership - Just a reminder that corporate membership to ACPOHE was introduced by the committee last year. It is for larger organisations that employ 5 or more occupational health physiotherapists and gives a 20% discount. However, organisations taking corporate membership will need to demonstrate that they have achieved or are working towards SEQOHS accreditation. To do this please send the organisations name, and list of employed physios to become ACPOHE members to Tracy Long.

Annual Standard Membership is £50 for UK and £50 for Overseas Members.
From 6 April Registered membership is £50
Associate membership is £50


Membership Benefits

Receive monthly ACPOHE e-newsletters
Receive the ACPOHE journal 3 times a year
Access to the Member Zone of the ACPOHE website.  This contains:
  • Guidance documents
  • Resources to support CPD, including reading list and links
  • ACPOHE annual pay and grading scales
  • Recent ACPOHE journals
  • Lists of relevant educational opportunities in the UK
Reduced rates for ACPOHE courses and conferences
Access to regional CPD groups.
Advice on request for issues within the fields of Occupational Health and Ergonomics.
Benefit from the work of ACPOHE in promoting occupational health physiotherapy to employers, other health care professionals and the general public.

Associate member


12 month subscription

Standard member


12 month subscription

Overseas Member


12 month subscription

Registered Membership via Route 1


There are a number of UK based Masters level educational courses that develop knowledge and skills in the work and health field. Members who have achieved a M level Certificate, Diploma or MSc in a relevant subject may apply for registered membership by submission of their qualification certificate.

Registered Membership via Route 2


ACPOHE currently offers 7 courses covering a wide range of knowledge and skills in Occupational Health and applied ergonomics. Two further courses will become available in 2013.

Members who have completed 4* ACPOHE courses** are eligible to apply for registered membership via the short courses and case study route. Course must include:
• An introduction to occupational health (including post course assignment);
• Applied Ergonomics

Registered Membership via Route 3


This route is for full members of ACPOHE who have developed their knowledge and skills in occupational health and ergonomics through their work and personal development activities but have not have undertaken university accredited courses or ACPOHE courses