Two physios win national awards for public health research

Health professionals need a better understanding of local culture and older people's priorities if they want to help over 65s to exercise, award winning research show.

Pay and Grading 2017 Survey

We would like to hear your view on our pay and grading guidance and would kindly ask you to complete the survey below.  Your feedback helps us to better meet our members needs.  


Pay and Grading 2017 Survey

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News from the Applied Ergonomic Conference

My name is Katharine Metters and I am one of the International Outreach Committee members of the 2018 Applied Ergonomics Conference, which is scheduled for March 26 - 29, 2018 at the Hilton Atlanta, Atlanta, GA, USA.

At this time we are reaching out to our international colleagues and we would like to ask you and members of your organization to join us at the Applied Ergonomics Conference. We would also like to ask you if it is possible to promote the conference on your website and/or forward information to your members.

The conference is a great opportunity to connect with other professionals and attend multidisciplinary educational sessions. For additional information regarding the conference please see attached letter or visit the conference website

The Applied Ergonomics Conference also promotes the Ergo Cup Competition, which provides an exciting opportunity for companies to highlight their successful ergonomic solutions. Here is the link for additional information:

These are the current deadlines for the AEC 2018:

AEC 2018 - Oral Presentation Abstract Submission Deadline:  June 16, 2017. The direct link to the abstract submission page is

AEC 2018 - Poster Presentation Abstract Submission Deadline: November 10, 2017. The direct link to the abstract submission page is

AEC 2018 – Ergo Cup Submission: Deadline and direct link to submit an entry will be available soon.

The 2018 Applied Ergonomics Conference is offering international organizations the opportunity to become one of our international alliance partners and our leadership team is offering the alliance partners  one complimentary registration to the AEC 2018. Members of the AEC International Alliance Partners receive a discounted registration fee (oral and poster presenters receive additional discount) and information about the organization (with link to the website) is posted on the Applied Ergonomics Conference website ( We had 28 international alliance partners for the AEC 2017. If your organization is interested in receiving additional information about how to become one of our international alliance partners, please let me know and I will provide it.

Thank you for your attention and support. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.


Katharine Metters



New report reveals the value of occupational health to UK businesses and workers

A new report published today by the Society of Occupational Medicine sets out the value proposition for occupational health services and the benefits of occupational health.

Occupational health: the value proposition cites evidence that shows organisations most commonly rank occupational health involvement as the most effective method for managing the problem of employee long-term absence from work. The document also reports that a healthy workplace culture and the adoption of a systematic approach to occupational health can contribute to the success of an organisation.

The report is available at: along with three leaflets, for managers, workers and commissioners. It is also available on the Why Occupational Health? website:


Update from the CSP

You may be aware that the CSP has received a complaint from the Privy Council regarding the misuse of use of title, ‘Chartered Physiotherapist’. The nature of the complaint is the addition of a speciality descriptor between the words ‘chartered’ and ‘physiotherapist’ by some CSP members.

The Privy Council have informed the CSP that this is misuse of title and must be stopped.

I’m requesting on behalf of CSP Director, Natalie Beswetherick, that you please circulate the article below to members of your professional networks. Published in Frontline today, the article explains to members how and why they should be using the title ‘Chartered Physiotherapist’ correctly. I should note the misuse is not reported to be from a particular speciality of CSP members.

A complaint from the Privy Council must be taken seriously and your support in this is much appreciated.


Recent updates relevant to MSK health and Work

  • Musculoskeletal Health Toolkit for Employers: Business in the Community has partnered with Public Health England to produce an online interconnected suite of toolkits to help employers support the mental and physical health and wellbeing of their employees. The Musculoskeletal health in the workplace toolkit was produced in collaboration with ARMA. The toolkit covers a range of areas to guide employers, including on how MSKs can impact work, the management of conditions in the workplace whilst also highlighting relevant knowledge and training. 
  • Wider Determinants of Health Fingertips Tool: Public Health England published Wider Determinants of Health, a tool to help improve population health and reduce health inequalities. The purpose of the tool is to bring together local indicators and resources about the wider determinants of health. It is designed to draw attention to the broad range of individual, social and environmental factors which influence our health. One of the indicators that will be published for the first time in the Wider Determinants of Health data tool is work-related illness.
  • Providing physical activity interventions for people with musculoskeletal conditions report: Arthritis Research UK published a report in partnership with the Department of Health, NHS England and Public Health England on Monday 13 March. The report states that by becoming more physically active, many people with musculoskeletal conditions can reduce pain and improve their quality of life and independence. This could potentially mean that more people are able to work and rely less on the health service. Although the report focusses largely on physical activity it acknowledges the wider societal costs of MSKs including the number of working days lost and how employment rates are affected as a result of the conditions.  

Latest Horizon Scanning now out


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OH Journal 

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Make occupational health part of mainstream care, says report


New resources from the CSP

A new information paper promoting Fitness for Work is now available.  Click here to access this

Council for Work & Health update

The Council for Work & Health have just released the Executive Summary of a new document outlining the future workforce planning for the Occupational Health industry.  Please click here to access this.  The full report can now be found here

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